"Five" is a Zombies map in Call of Duty: Black Ops and takes place in the Pentagon, located in Washington D.C. It is thought to be based strongly off the Campaign. It has a new boss, wonder weapon, and four new characters. The characters are John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro, and Robert McNamara.


American scientists were curious about the zombies and decided to take a few back to the Pentagon for testing. Eventually, the zombies got out of hand during a meeting between Kennedy, Nixon, Castro, and McNamara and infected the whole Pentagon. This is where they started to attack the four men.

Wonder WeaponEdit

There is a new wonder weapon, the Winter's Howl. It shoots icy blast that freeze and slow down zombies.


There is a new boss round too, the Pentagon Thief. He comes every four-five rounds and tries to take one of your guns.