• SolidSnake565656


    Move it! There`s no time to waste!" Said John Aames Anderson, the team leader of Charlie Squad

    "There`s 3 hostiles at 6 O` Clock!" Said Henry Collins, the squad Recon soldier

    "Damn they're over there, too!" Said Will Richardson, the team Sniper

    "We're surrounded, open fire!" Said John

    Following his orders all squad members drew their primary weapons and aimed for all visitor's heads, with only the odd bullet missing its mark. After about two minutes, all hostiles were neutralized

    "Good shooting! Now let's get a move on!" Said John, John leading his team over to the Southeastern exit

    Damn, they set up the barricades, David, get over here and plant some C4." Said John

    Got it, plantin…

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  • HellHoundSlayer

    So, Making a CoD mini-film. I am expecting it to be about 20-30 mins long. What do I need in the film. So far for props I have the following:

    Ray Gun

    Winters Howl

    Bowie Knife

    Plasma Rifle (In Progress...)

    Desert Eagle (In Progress...)

    Juggernog Bottle

    PhD Flopper Bottle

    Double Tap Bottle

    Stamin-Up Bottle

    Deadshot Daiquiri Bottle

    Quick Revive Bottle

    Amm-O-Matic Bottle

    Knife-O-Matic Bottle

    Plasma Grenade

    What other non-wonder weapon would be cool? Looking for at least one assault rifle or lmg, but i will need an easy tutorial. BTW, Check out my channel on youtube for update vids and props. BTW, Thought you might wanna know the characters?:

    Dominic Meyer

    Rex Torner (Blinded and badly scarred at end of film)

    Derek Merlan

    Conner Winfrie (Killed)

    Oh yes and need so…

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  • HellHoundSlayer

    So... I decided I don't care about being unbanned on NZP, so... I want something else in turn for a picture of my sister... What do I want? I want a picture of YOU Justin, haha. If not then something else. I have a picture of me and my sister right here on my computer I will post as soon as i get what i want. >:)

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  • HellHoundSlayer

    So, finished ray gun, bowie knife, have a few perk bottles that are shit, and started on winters howl. link to my channel below. uhm, other things to put in vids: Stamin Up perk (finished) PhD Flopper perk bottle (started on), Bowie Knife (finished), progress on winters howl (definetly not finished). I have to say, i love this prop building thing it's so fun!!! When i get home, I am gonna try a Scavenger : D

    LINK TO MY CHANNEL (Sorry my voice sounds fagg-ish, my throat hurts):

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  • HellHoundSlayer

    So, haven't ben on today. Reasons: Was out for 3 hours with peoples. Also slept till 1:30 PM : ) haha. And last, have spent the last 6 hours (i know, no life at all... LEAVE ME ALONE!!!) making a ray gun!!! I have everything done except paint. will do that tommorow morning and then, post pics here. Also made a bowie knife and Juggernog bottle (my jug bottle is mostly a fail) i made the ray gun for fun, think it turned out great, bowie knife only cause i had alot of material i hadn't used, and jug bottle cause it took 5 mins and was bored : ) I have never attempted any type of prop like this at all, so give a break for some of the shitty work. pics of all tommorow! HellHoundSlayer 04:54, July 14, 2011 (UTC)

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  • EternalBlaze

    new storyline

    July 12, 2011 by EternalBlaze

    I've decided to create a new storyline about residents on a street, known as 23rd Street, have to defend their lives against the horde of Zombies. It will take place near, if not next to, New York City.

    The story somewhat intertwines with the actual Zombies story in Call of Duty: Black Ops; the only difference is that the Zombies are in NYC. The zombies from the Pentagon manage to affect most of the south and northeast, mainly big cities (L.A, Boston, etc.) and New York City. Residents of both cities must fight for their lives against the bloodthirsty zombies.

    I've tried "Nightmare on 23rd Street," but there is Nightmare on Elm Street, so that won't be happening. I also tried "Apocalypse on 23rd Street," but then I figured it would be mixed with…

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  • HellHoundSlayer

    So, my freind says NCIS is boring and there si nothing cool. Have anybody here seen NCIS???? Watch this (I THINK this is the right part, I don't know. My computer sucks and won't let me watch it.):

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  • Sniperteam82308

    Did this Reff come from? 21:08, July 11, 2011 (UTC)

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  • HellHoundSlayer

    So I have finally come up with a decent idea for a new storyline. It takes place six years after DSZ and follows new chracters. However, there is a great difference. Aliens have managed to crash land on earth. While the humans are fighting for their lives against zombies, aliens fight eachother, and the humans are caught in the crossfire! So basically it's humans vs zombies vs aliens... everyone against eachother! All i have to do before i start is come up with names for the two alien clans and then names for the diferent alien species. And don't tell me i am copying transformers with zombies in there too... cause i'm not. not completely anyways. And, don't say something stupid about how i am using charcters from bionicle... cause i am. bu…

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  • Camalex97

    New wiki

    May 19, 2011 by Camalex97

    Congrats on the wiki HHS, after this is big enough we should advertize this wiki a bit on NZ wiki after were done withtransfering the pages over to here and have like at least, 20-35 pages

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