Combat Training is a Perk-a-Cola available in Deep Freeze. It is quite helpful as it combines the perks Speed Cola and Stamin Up as well as a quicker ADS time and getting an extra bullet in every magazine for chambering a round something only skilled soldiers are able to do.


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Comabat Training is located in the bloody remains room which is the bottomost room on the map and is the farthest away from the entrance.


The logo of the perk is a Spetnaz soldier as they are of Russia's greatest fighters and this perk is Russian made. The Spetnaz soldier is in white with a black backround. The Machine doesn't look as fancy as any other perk and doesn't use a bottle rather a cup. It doesn't have an outer covering so it is seen as a bunch of gears, wires, and peices of metal.


When the last stand was made against the undead menace the remaining scientists knew they with little to no training with weaponry were doomed to die. However they took a surprisingly unreanimated dead body of one of the special operations Spetnaz soldier. They extracted the brain of this soldier and were able to gain the memories of his training. However a special machine was needed for instant memory thus this perk-a-cola was created. All the scientists were able to gain the Perk-a-Cola before the zombie menace broke in killing everyone. According to the recording tapes they did gain grand combat skills and were able to fight a great deal of the zombies before being killed. However oddly upon drinking this they could not be reanimated likely from some sort of phermone loacted within the brain of the soldier leaving blood and the remians of the dead in this room... thus giving it the name the Remains Room.


  • This perk was obvoiusly named after the Call of Duty: Black Ops game mode in Multiplayer private matches, Combat Training.
  • This is considered one of Sniperteam82308's favorite perks.
  • As the perk was made at the last minute by the Russian Scientists it has no written jingle.