The Gatling-cannon (originally supposed to be called mini-gun but name taken for pointless killstreek by fizzywizzy thanks alot no offense just sounds pointless) It is like the death machine except isn't a power up and can be boucht off of the wall for 15,000 points and ammo cost's 5000 (but is reccomended instead to just pack-a-punch it because it is alot cheaper). It features a 250 round clip with 750 spare. When Pack-A-Punched, this becomes the Thrasher adding even more power, fire rate, clip size of 500 and 1500 spare ammo and costs 7500. It is reccomended in higher rounds (starting at 29) to have a pistol preferably ray gun, stamina up, speed-cola as it is a minute and a half reload time, and at round 50+ to have double tap root-beer and triple tap vodka as you will be screwed without it.