The M1911 is a pistol featured in every canon Zombies map, as well as some non-canon maps.


The M1911 is the starting pistol of every Zombies map in World at War and Black Ops. It is effective in the early rounds, however, will become useless near round six.


In World at War, the Pack-a-Punched M1911 is known as the "C3000-b1a-tch35," possessing a six round magazine, rifle grenades as ammunition, and more power.

In Black Ops, the Pack-a-Punched M1911 is known as the "Mustang and Sally," possessing the Dual Wield attachment and rifle grenades as ammunition. It's traits are similar to its World at War counterpart.

Holy PistolEdit

The Holy Pistol is a weapon similar to the Pack-a-Punched M1911 from World at War (It also appears in Black Ops as well), but can only be obtained by Console Commands. Like the M1911, it fires rifle grenades and has the same amount of ammunition per magazine, but unlike the M1911, it has a slower ADS time and is more powerful. The Holy Pistol takes on the skin of the M1911 in its respective game. For example, the Holy Pistol in World at War looks like the M1911 in that game, whereas the Holy Pistol in Black Ops looks like the nickel-plated M1911 in that game.


It is a pistol featured in Modern Warfare: Death Squad.