The M1A1 Carbine, or more commonly known as the M1 Carbine, is an American semi-automatic rifle that appears in every Zombies map on Call of Duty: World at War and the revised World at War maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

M1a1 carbine


Like most other semi-automatic rifles in Zombies, the M1 Carbine has moderate power, low recoil, and a variable rate of fire. The M1 Carbine, however, can be used up to about round fifteen, if going for headshots, without being Pack-a-Punched. Due to its obscured sights and somewhat slow reload time, the M1 Carbine is usually traded off for another powerful weapon, also because it is semi-automatic.


The Pack-a-Punched M1A1 Carbine becomes the "Widdershins RC-1," possessing a full-auto upgrade and more ammunition. This usually lasts up to about round twenty, where zombies get larger in number and more health. This is also where ammo and power may be a problem, and the M1A1 Carbine is usually traded.