The MG42 is a German machine gun that appears in all canon maps of Call of Dty: World at War.


The MG42 is obtainable only via the Mystery Box and Console Commands. It possesses a high rate of fire, fair recoil, high damage, and 500 held ammunition in addition to 125 round magazines. Because of its statistics and machine gun nature, it is often praised, as it can be used effectively even past round 30. However, some players do not like its large amount of recoil, and often prefer the M1919 Browning.


The MG42 upgraded is called the "Barracuda FU-A11," retaining its 125 round magazine, but gains 150 more rounds in its held ammunition, resulting in 750 rounds. Like most other Pack-a-Punched weapons, the MG42 retains most of its traits. It is a great weapon at holding off hordes, due to its high rate of fire and high damage, and is at its best if going for headshots, but it must be noted that its recoil may sometimes get out of hand.