The MP5K is a sub-machine gun in Modern Warfare: Death Squad as well as all canon Zombies maps of Call of Duty: Black Ops. In Black Ops, it is a prototype variant of the modern MP5K



The MP5K can be obtained by the wall and console commands. It has a relatively good rate of fire, moderate recoil, high power, and decent accuracy. It is best in medium and short range situations, but long range isn't recommended due to the weapon's recoil. It is best to go for headshots, where it is effective until about round 10 to 12.

Pack-a-Punched VariantEdit

The Pack-a-Punched MP5K becomes the "MP115 Kollider," obtaining more ammo and more power. It can be used for another few rounds, where headshots must be gone for to get more kills, points, and to conserve ammo.