Must Have MOAR! is a Perk-a-Cola featured in the upcoming map Deep Freeze. It is a perk located in the experimentation room as the perk is still an experiment. It will add two more perk slots the first time and one more any other time than after that(Unless the perk is lost in which case it will be two again). The first slot gained will only be available if the player does not have the perk in his or her inventory and will be this perk. The second slot will be blank just a sheild shape until a new perk is bought. It may be bought multiple times until there are no other perks avalible to buy. It costs 1250 for each new slot gained.


  • This perk was created when Sniperteam got upset because he couldn't buy Quick Reive in Ascension (he was with bad players and needed it but already had 4 perks) coupled with the fact that there are many more new perks in Deep Freeze with a total of 4 new perks along with the 5 perks seen in Ascension.
  • According to all the characters it has little to no taste whatsoever.