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This Wiki is about canon and non-canon Nazi Zombies.

What is this Wiki?Edit

Here, you are able to create your own story, perks, maps, characters all about Call of Duty, Zombies, or just random things for Call of Duty. You may even post ideas for fan-fiction, or books you are doing here as well. Also feel free to create canon articles!


For more explicit rules, go to the Recent Wiki Activity and read the community message. 

To start, we would like you to know something; rules are a big and important thing here. Follow our rules and you will be welcomed here. Don't follow our rules and you will be banned. Here are the main and most important rules:

  1. Vandalism and spamming of pages is prohibited.
  1. You are not allowed to edit other users pages unless they give you permission. However, this does not apply if there are grammar and spelling mistakes, but you must notify the user that it's for that.
  1. You cannot and will not harass or insult other users. Unless you are kidding, and both users know they are kidding, you will be banned.
  1. There will be no use of insults/words that refer to people with mental disabilities or homosexuals. Break this rule and you will be banned.

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