What happened to the others? Time to find out!" -Storyline Description


Nazi Zombies II or NZ2 is a storyline made by HellHoundslayer. It focuses on Dr. Ludwig Maxis, Dr. Gersch, Harvey Yena, and Yuri Kravechski are all teleported to a dark room together and must fight for their lives. This take place at the same time as the othe maps (Kino der Toten, Ascension, etc.).


This series starts when all four men are randomly teleported from different time periods and different places into a dark room. When they turn on the light, it is reveled to be a warehouse. Maxis was sent here when Edward Richtofen teleported him and his daughter there, but his daughter was killed by her dog Fluffy. Gersch was sent here after being sucked into the black hole the freed by Dempsey and the other three. Yena was sent here after Richtofen teleported him during one of his experiments, and Yuri was the same as Gersch.


  • Darkness
  • Mazghuna
  • The Cave