The PPSh-41 is a Russian submachine gun that appears in canon Zombies maps of Call of Duty: World at War. It
first appeared in Verruckt, and returned in Shi No Numa and Der Riese, due to its popularity amongst players.

In the Nintendo DS version of Black Ops, the PPSh-41 can be obtained via the wall and the Mystery Box.


The PPSh-41 can only be obtained via the Mystery Box and Console Commands. It possesses a high rate of fire, moderate to little recoil, high power, and 315 held ammunition, in addition to 75 round magazines. It doesn't require many bullets to kill a zombie when it is hit almost anywhere on the body, but headshots are almost always required to conseve ammunition and to kill zombies most effectively.


The PPSh-41 upgraded is known as "The Reaper," possessing a 125 round magazine and 700 held ammunition. It retains its high power and low recoil, which is a relief for many players. It can hold off effectively, if headshots are maintained, and can be used past round 30. Many players compare the Pack-a-Punched PPSh-41 to the light machine guns of Zombies, due to each weapon having many similar statistics, such as ammunition count and power.