Paralism is a new storyline created by Sniperteam82308. It shall take place in alternate universes or even other game universes as well as the campaigns of other Call of Duty games.


[hide]*1 Backstory


This map takes place after "Five" and features the characters John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Richard Nixon, and Fidel Castro. The teleporters are revealed to not have been completed and side effects constantly occured. Due to the prolonged use of teleporters by the group they will be witness to the side effects. They will begin traveling to locations around the world and later different time periods as well as seperate universes! They must find a way to stop the zombies from spreading to off our world as well as find a way to cease the infernal teleporting.


  • Delta Charlie-stop the undead from taking over the countires greatest building!
  • Golden Gate-see what happens at the other side of the country.
  • Nork-fight the Korean soldiers to unravel the story of the Zombie epidemics spread.
  • Echo Tango- Bonjour.
  • Jack-Fight the zombies as well as histories most notorious murderer.
  • CoD:MW:NY-the battle continues as our hero's go into another game universe created by Sniperteam82308.
  • Anthill-Honey I Shrunk the characters.
  • And more to come.

New FeaturesEdit

Teleporting 2.0


  • This has been a long term idea by Sniperteam82308 but he just now decided to make it.
  • The creator wants an 8 player teamup in most of the maps.
  • The ending is already planned out... now just how to get there.
  • All previous playable characters will be seen or heard.