Pvt. Catan is featured in the brutal Warfare storyline, he was never liked by anyone and sucks at shooting things

He also dies multiple times during this after being revived over and over again and he only got 1 shot in a zombie in his whole life.

He also is a fail and is the worst soldier ever. He is beaten by Newborns



  • Camalex97 hates PVT. Catan and he is tortured many times during this storyline, killed, shot, electricuted, blown up, caught on fire, shanked, stabbed, Downed self with ray gun, got his neck stuck in mystery box trying to get the ray gun, Cooked a grenade to long, fell of a horse, hung himself, shot himself, bit into a cyonide pill, fell off the edge of ascention, Drowned, Fell off a tank and got run-over, and his most recent death was a parachute failure.
  • He is a refrence to a suckish game called "the settlement of catan" which nobody knows about
  • He is the only character in zombies that hasn't actually gotten killed by a zombie or hellhound...