The STG-44 is a German assault rifle that appears in every Zombies map for Call of Duty: World at War and only two revised World at War maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops.


The STG-44 can be obtained off the wall, from the Mystery Box, and Console Commands. It has a moderate rate of fire, little to medium recoil, and moderate to high power. It can prove to be useful up to about round 12, unless if going for headshots. Players tend to buy this weapon, or the Thompson, if they respawn after spectating while dead.

Pack-a-Punched VariantEdit

The Pack-a-Punched STG-44 becomes the "Spatz-447+," possessing doubled ammo capacity and held ammo, more power, increased rate of fire, and more recoil. Because of this, it is easier to get headshots, due to the high rate of fire affecting the recoil.