Throughout the map Deep Freeze you collect 3 peices of 4 peices or armor. The three collected are scattered across the map and are the Helmet, Chest, and Arms. The Legs are the only peice in the right spot.. Now as said you shall pick up the armor. This will unlock one last room for free. However the catch is only 1 player is allowed to enter it and if they don't finish the challenge before they leave the challenge won't be able to be completed and the doors shall remain closed for the remainder of the game. The door however only opens once every peice of scatered armor is collected. The room is pretty much a bare hallway with an armor rack but with only the legs in place. Upon placing the armor a bright light comes from the armor and you cannot see for 10 seconds. This doesn't matter as the player cannot be faced by zombies while in this room. After the light goes away your screen will be tinted blue and you shall be inside the armor. While within the armor you will have an upgraded China Lake with infinate ammo and an Death Machine in the other hand. There is no aiming down the sights, grenades being able to throw however you can still revive as well as having a stronger melee. A player will have about double the health they would have with Juggernog. The armor only stays for about 90 seconds upon leaving the room and once the time is up you will hear a female automated voice say "Error Error, Malfunction with power all systems shutting down" upon which you will get the weapons and perks you had before going into the suit back and loose the double juggernog and their melee will be brougth back to normal. To prevent more than one player going into the room with the suit if anyone else goes into the room both players in the room will be downed.