Time Saver is a new Perk-a-Cola featured in the upcoming map Deep Freeze. It is found in the room next to the room with the power. This perk allows a player to keep an Power Up for an extra 60 seconds. The perk only affects those who have purchesed it and those who have not must stay at the 30 second standing time while one who has purchesed it gets it for 90 seconds. It only affects some of the power ups however. The power ups it affects are Insta Kill, Death Machine, and Max Ammo. With Max Ammo it gives the player a temporary Infinate Ammo until the 90 is up. The Power Ups it doesn't affect are Nuke, Revival, and Carpenter as those would affect all players and be unfair to those who purchesed the perk. Its icon is the numer 90.